When The Gut Tribe Kitchen and
Fretzy Kookie Became One...

When you Know, you Know! It was time to become one.

When we pivoted our businesses during COVID-19 we never once imagined the amount of local support we would receive in the Rosanna and surrounding communities.

Our combined love of gluten and allergen free foods paired with specialty coffee and being part of a great community is why we have made the natural decision to merge our respective businesses, The Gut Tribe Kitchen and Fretzy Kookie into our combined love, Davies St. Food Co.

Will anything change? Yes and No!

We are based at 29 Davies St, Rosanna and open to the community, opening times can be found here.

The glorious baking of sweets and custom cookie cakes that Maria made under Fretzy Kookie will be available, Audrey’s offering of Gluten Free Meals (and famous Chocolate Banana Cake) will also be available at Davies St. Food Co.

As you can see on our Socials, we offer Gluten Free and different types of Allergen Free Foods and Groceries – you can come in and purchase our take-away food or groceries at your convenience.

Another bonus of Davies St. Food Co.? We now have loads of Corporate Catering, School Catering and pretty much anything you need! We cater for anyone and anything ensuring we can provide the community with the healthiest and yummiest food possible.

The support we have received from the communities, local and not so local is why we are able to make our dreams a reality and we cannot thank you enough.

Audrey & Maz

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Our Journey So Far

Same great gluten free food and smiles

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Welcome to my new home!

Now at 29 Davies St, Rosanna

Looking for The Gut Tribe Kitchen? I’m still here, just now known as Davies. St Food Co. 

I started Davies St. Food Co. with my awesome business partner in crime, Maria from Fretzy Kookie during COVID. And what happened? We grew and merged our businesses to create a one stop shop for all things gluten and allergen free. 

The meals you would purchase from The Gut Tribe Kitchen are available at Davies St. Food Co. Same delicious flavour, same quality but MORE! 

Come say hi!

Looking for Fretzy Kookie?

I'm over here now!

Looking for those yummy and delicious sweets, cookie cakes and muffins you get from Frezty Kookie?

You are ABSOLUTELY in the right place. 

Welcome to Davies St. Food Co., my joint venture with good friend Audrey from The Gut Tribe Kitchen. 
Same delicious sweets, same location but more fun!
Make sure you stick around to say hi, check out what we have on offer and follow us on our Socials to get the latest!