The Creatives Behind Davies St.

Good quality coffee paired with healthy, delicious food.

Based in Rosanna, Davies St. Food Co. is owned by local Chef, Audrey Kuhl and Baker, Maria Althen. Coming together prior to COVID-19 and both having to pivot due to restrictions, Audrey and Maria came to understand that whilst they both provided gluten free foods to their customers through their own businesses there was nothing readily available for the public to access gluten free (and other allergen free) foods so easily.

Davies St. Food Co. is all about bringing great coffee, healthy, delicious and locally sourced food to the local community in which they operate their independent businesses, The Gut Tribe Kitchen and Fretzy Kookie. Having collaborated on many food projects, Davies. St Food Co. is the biggest and most exciting collaboration of all.  

The humble storefront offers take away coffee sourced by Community Roasters with our freshly made gluten-free food offering varying from salads, sandwiches, hot foods and delectable sweets.  With a small range of gluten free groceries available varying from Ardor Food Co and milk from Milk Lab and BonSoy; Davies St. Food Co. is going to cater for everyone.

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The Baker: Maria Althen

What started as a hobby in the 2000’s has turned into a flourishing business out of a passion for creativity and colour in the kitchen.

With a Graphic Design and Baking background, creating colourful and bold custom cookies is a way to bring joy to people when they are attending a special occasion or for those gifting others whether it’s for personal or corporate events.

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The Chef: Audrey Kuhl

Audrey is originally from California but has lived most of her adult life in Canada and Australia. Audrey moved to Melbourne in 2009 to finish her Business degree at La Trobe University. 

After graduating in 2010, Audrey attended Melbourne Polytechnic to complete her chef training. A year later she was working in mostly  large scale catering and in remote kitchens all over Australia. Audrey has worked for large businesses like Crown Melbourne, Sofitel, Peter Rowland, Herald Sun and many more.  

In 2018, Audrey founded The Gut Tribe Kitchen. With a passion for cooking and creating delicious food that everyone can enjoy, Audrey was on a mission to create awareness of the impact your food has on your physical body, mental health, emotions and stress levels.

In early 2020, Audrey met Maz and unknowingly would create a business that would become Davies St. Food Co. a culmination of both savoury and sweets, showcasing both our original businesses. 

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